Veritatem Fratribus Testari


“Veritatem fratribus testari” translates into “show truth to your brothers”. We must speak the truth no matter what the cost. Lies enslave, truth liberates. SOPHIC chooses liberation from slavery and deceit. Wear the truth proud, fear no retaliation.

Stalin says: PLEASE VOTE!

Obama, Romney, Bush, Hitler… it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the people lose.

Here is a great quote to always remember:

“Я считаю, что совершенно неважно, кто и как будет в партии голосовать; но вот что чрезвычайно важно, это – кто и как будет считать голоса.”

This Russian quote translates: “It does not matter who and how a party votes, but it is this that is very important -who counts the votes.”  -Joseph Stalin (The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary by Boris Bazhanov). A man like he knew very well the game being played: Giving people the illusion of freedom and choice will keep them in line. Fortunately we are not ignorant of these designs. Voluntary participation in the sham electoral process is to condone the deception and to participate in it. Instead, expose the deception, spread truth, share this information. We are SOPHIC, we are truth, we are one.

-S O P H I C

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Seal of the Debt Machine

The debt machine’s blood-sucking tentacles.


Most are oblivious to the invisibly enslaving debt instruments they carry in their wallets. Even so, the use of fiat currencies to create perpetual debt is a most carefully designed operation. Its introduction as a “middle-man” in the commodities trading process was a genius but incredibly sinister way of turning a clean trade among ‘peasants’ into a process that is controlled by third-parties and can be made extremely volatile. This way the ‘peasants’ have no control of the trading process and thus creates an obligated dependence upon their ‘masters’ to determine the value of their commodities.

Introducing metals as a trading middle-man and then the siphoning of the peoples “precious metals” via watered-down coinage and you get a system that leaves valueless ‘money’ and loans as the only way to subsist. Fiat currencies, loans, interest usury, designed volatility… it all smells pretty bad for the 99%.

This design illustrates the monstrous tentacles of the money machine and contains a quote from Shakespeare: “All the world’s a stage”. This is an allusion to the fact that the system that surrounds us is nothing but a theater stage meant to distract and entertain us. The finality of this “play” is the leading of the people to slavery, death and devotion to the disgusting “all seeing-eye”. Join us in exposing the deception.


Voice your defiance against the NWO

To see the end of mass ignorance and an end to our modern enslavement there are a few things that must occur. One of these is artfully designed on a shirt designed by S O P H I C in which we see a symbolic youth in the process of shattering the world empire oligarchy. The most effective means to achieve such an end makes for interesting discussion, ranging from violent uprisings to peaceful protests to educating the masses. S O P H I C emphasizes the critical importance of being a part of an educated and aware community of thinkers. An oligarchy undoubtedly controls the entire system we live in, with puppets in power over the media, politics, military, finances, religion, natural resources, food, etc. Where can we turn for support, collaboration and education?  S O P H I C has created, a global blog for all free-thinkers that want to collaborate and help to decontaminate knowledge and see an end to the corrupt global system characterized by fear, slavery, and ignorance. S O P H I C is a movement. Join us.


The S O P H I C maxim is the latin phrase “NULLIUS IN VERBA”, meaning “TAKE NO ONES WORD FOR IT”. The notorious Joseph Goebbels stated that ‘a lie told often enough becomes the truth’. This happens all too often if we stop and think about it we realize how true that statement is. We live in a world full of deception where laymen believe anything they are told by anyone who appears to have a slight advantage of knowledge on the subject. Whether the deception is deliberate or not, most people hardly question the apparent assertion. This is unfortunate and detrimental to the person and, consequently, to society.

S O P H I C challenges the ‘status quo’, challenges normalcy, and challenges “accepted” paradigms. S O P H I C strives to provoke creative and critical thinking, encouraging all to question what they think they know and to question what they are told, be it by your friend, your neighbor, your doctor, even your president. It’s not about being cynical, but about awareness that even those who have your best interest in mind can be blinded by biases and social pressures, if not by complete ignorance on the subject. This is without even taking to account larger and more powerful forces that we may be completely oblivious to.

Question what you hear, question what you see. Take no one’s word for it… not even ours. S O P H I C is a movement. Join us.